Change Your Story



God made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before him… God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes.”  2 Samuel 22: 21, 25 (TMB)

Regardless of life’s circumstances and challenges, the good news is that you can CHANGE YOUR STORY. Nothing is impossible with God. No matter how life looks or feels. A change of story is not the work of human hands, but rather God’s hands. Only Jesus can transform your heart and change your story. And every change of story is a miracle in motion. God is not done with any of us!


“God can change the story of a city
by changing the story of…
one person at a time.”
– Pastor Art Sepulveda


Kenneth Copeland
“Art Sepulveda’s new book, 'Change Your Story,' is a true encouragement for anyone who, like me many years ago, finds him- or herself in what looks like an impossible situation. As Pastor Art points out so clearly, there is no such thing in the eyes of Jesus as an insignificant person. This is an easy to read, easy to comprehend, step by step guide to a fabulous new life. I wholeheartedly recommend it.”
Brian Houston
“Pastor Art Sepulveda is a blessing to everyone he encounters. His positive persona and desire to see each person encouraged that God is not finished writing and re-writing the story of their lives will bring you great hope and freedom, as you lean into his wisdom and authentic teaching”
Creflo Dollar
“Everyone’s life is a story in the making, and that story can have either a happy or sad ending. When we try to handle our lives all by ourselves, without divine intervention, we can get overwhelmed. No matter how hard we try or how good our intentions are, discouragement can make us feel like life has handed us a raw deal. It’s a helpless, frustrating feeling when we think we’re the tail end instead of the head. That’s why I’m so excited about Pastor Art Sepulveda’s new book, 'Change Your Story.' In it, this powerful man of God reveals the truth about how to change your life’s story from a position of failure and struggling to one of victory and power. Jesus came that we might not only have life, but have it more abundantly. The people who chose to follow Him were the ones whose life stories were radically rewritten, and He’s still rewriting lives today! God can’t be contained, and therefore, we don’t have to settle for being boxed in by pain, fear, or negativity. He frees us like no one else can, and reveals to us the beautiful love story He has envisioned for our life. ‘Change Your Story’ is a must-read!”
Jesse Duplantis
“I am excited about 'Change Your Story' by Pastor Art Sepulveda. What a great read! So often when people talk about change, they tend to put you down. But Pastor Art brings you up and encourages you to never settle for less than God’s best. Why? Because God has good plans for you and He created you to live an extraordinary life -- not one of mediocrity or one without hope. There is great freedom and wisdom in this book, straight from the Word of God, that will empower you to do just that: change your story! This is a book you will read again and again, and one you will want to share with others. You’ll be blessed by it!”
Russell Evans
“Pastor Art is a change agent. When people encounter him and the message he brings, they see a change for good take place. This book will empower you to see change in your own life . . .  to create history.”
Jerry Savelle
“I have known my very close friend Art Sepulveda for more than 35 years, and I have had the privilege of watching him and his lovely wife, Kuna, take the principles found in God’s Word and totally transform their lives. In his new book, 'Change Your Story,' Art has tapped into one of God’s great truths - a truth upon which every believer can build a new life that leads to fulfillment, purpose, and joy. He shares the power found in overcoming how your current thinking limits you – how the things of the past (negative circumstances, negative words, personal failures) keep you bound and hinder you from obtaining the “good life” God has prepared for you according to Ephesians 2:10. Would you like to see your story change? This is the book for you. God has ordained your life to be outstanding - to be a testimony to His goodness. Meditate on the truths Pastor Art shares and get ready to enjoy life better than you’ve ever imagined!”
Casey Treat
“Pastor Art brings a fresh and exciting look at how we see our lives. You will be inspired to believe that God will write a successful end to your story. Worry and fear will not decide your future. Faith and vision will. The Bible is full of stories of those who started in distress but ended in success. It may seem like you are losing your battles but take heart. As you read, you will be lifted to see what your future can be. Pastor Art has a unique ability bring you to a new place in your life!”
Matthew Barnett
“Art Sepulveda’s 'Change Your Story' is a powerful new book that sets the stage for an extraordinary comeback in the reader’s life. Art does a masterful job showing, through Scripture and testimony, that you are never stuck where you are and that God wants to take you to an incredible new place in your life. No matter where you might be in life, 'Change Your Story' will inspire and embolden you to take the next big step into new and exciting things.”
Pat Mesiti
“Everyone has a unique story. Some of us are at the start, and some in the middle, but there is never an end to your story as it is eternal in its impact. No matter where you are, you can change your story. Humans are the only beings who can do that. Art Sepulveda has written a classic on this vital subject. Read it. Absorb it. Apply the words that flow with wisdom, and your story will be a legacy to others.”
Wes Richards
“Pastor Art is a top-level inspirational speaker and a passionate communicator of the very Good News of the gospel. In this timely book he powerfully and personally applies the great Bible truths of grace, hope, and love and the limitless possibilities of new beginnings for anyone and everyone through Jesus Christ.”

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Art Sepulveda



Art Sepulveda is a visionary. As an architect, author, conference speaker, television host and pastor, he has dedicated his life to helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ. Art and his wife Kuna founded Word of Life Christian Center, in Honolulu, Hawaii, a multi campus church that’s working toward fulfilling the Great Commission in the Pacific Rim. They have four children and three grandchildren.